(TFIO) ICO Review:

Everything you need to know on ICO is a blockchain fund that allows a wide range of people to earn money on their investment based on a safe and smart capital distribution system. It is an investment fund that will provide you 2 equal parts of income. One part is a life-long passive income generated to the token holders, which are named as “Infrastructural”. Another part is named as “Investment”, for which investors in the community can vote for and against financing a project from their point of view. As a result, the token of the fund, “TFIO”, is security token that will provide you future income, just like a stock.

The core product of this ICO is the development of the powered AI, to select and form an investment portfolio that can generate the best outcome among the market. Also it allows investor to have a “Say” in the investment decision as part of the controlling mechanism setup in the block chain.

The first step of team is to become the bridge between investors and ICO projects. Helping investor to maximizing the profit and avoiding scam while transforming ICO projects into commercially effective business is the key milestone.

What is the selling point?

1. Concept (15%): I think the vision of the ICO is beneficial to the society as it can provide convenience to investor over the traditional fund. This include the selection of potential investments by AI technology, which are powered by self-learning and automatic trading. In addition, the fund provides a much more transparency as the token holders has “Say” to select projects for financing. In addition, this fund focus on Cryptocurrency ICOs investment, which definitely good news for us (crypto believer) because it will help us to review, identify, and invest profitable ICOs projects, avoiding from numerous scams outside. Ideally investor don’t need to do any research anymore because the AI will help you to do.

2. Social media engagement: (20%) Demand from Social media is another key to review the potential performance of the ICO. Based on 22 Oct (The start date of the Pre-ICO), the number of telegram members reaches 12K. Assuming 40% participation rate, and most of them are small investor who will subscribe US$400 in average. Total number of tokens subscribed will be around 8M (1 token = 0.25 USD in pre-sale stage). That’s still far under the max. token available for sales of 99.8M. Maybe we need to wait for longer period as this ICO will last for half years in maximum.

3. Implementation: (50%) The Key of success to this project will be the core Product: AI technology for investment. We need to review any track record for this AI. Unfortunately, this ICO doesn’t provide any specific insight or track record of the performance. But it does provide their investment strategy and their AI technology called Axon, which help to analyze the ICO. The investment strategy makes sense to me because they will allocate the fund to different areas, including direct investment in ICO, buying available token to get control and assist the project to commercialize, etc.

Although they don’t have track record, we can access the development team ability if they can build a valid investment fund. However, I am a bit worried about the team because from LinkedIn profile no one has the “Fund” management experience. Holding an investment fund is very different from investing your own fund, building mutual trust to between the investor and fund manager is extremely important. Due to lack of track record on both AI tools and development team fund management background. I don’t feel very good on this area.

4. Market competition: (15%) Below is the existing market competition extracted from the whitepaper fyi. What you can imagine is the there are already several similar type of ICOs for investment fund. needs to outperform the market in order to attract investors.


Is it a Scam / Fraud? I am sorry i am not hundred % sure that it is not a scam. Because all the information they gives are just the future picture. There is no historical track records for the fund. No valid tracking record for the development team. In addition, the CEO or other management team doesn’t show their face on any presentation video. This makes me feel extremeness uncomfortable because usually the management team will definitely show their face to the media in order to explain the question from investors, instead of hiding behind the screen.

This ICO is Not hundred % sure not a scam

Profitable? This ICO is not recommended from my opinion, due to the lack of track records, management team presentation and possibility of scam. I give this ICO only 36 marks.

36% below average score in my opinion. 

If you still want to make investment in this ICO, the deadline will be 180 days after today 22 Oct (Pre-ICO start date)

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