XAYA (CHI) ICO Review:

Everything you need to know on XAYA ICO

XAYA is a blockchain project that aims to build a decentralized reality that run serverless and unstoppable for game players. In provably fair environments, game players use their skill and intelligence to harvest resources and acquire rare artefacts that hold significant real world value.

In addition, the source code is open to the developers so that they develop the game based on XAYA and could go from concept to game release in less time and for less money without worrying about infrastructure costs (such as servers) and recurring costs (such as account administration).

What are the selling points?

1. Concept: The idea is good. Game players can have a severless and unstoppable gaming experience while can also trade the rare resources in the game to other players in exchange for CHI coins and get back to real world value. The source code is open to developers so that they has also less infrastructure costs such as servers and recurring costs such as account administration to develop massive multiplayers game.

2. Social media followers: As of today 7 Oct 2018, there are 15,000 followers. If there are 50% of followers making average 300USD investment, then the total will be 2.2million USD, roughly equivalent to 340 BTC value. This is just a simple calculation but may reflect the true market response to this ICO, which does not have a very strong demand.

3. Blockchain team experience in gaming industry: In 2013, the XAYA team developed and successfully deployed the Huntercoin experiment. This is a game built on blockchain technology that if you play more in the game then you will get Hunercoin for rewards. This is good as it proves they have blockchain experience and will able to work on this.

4. Below is a summary of comparison with competitors extracted from the whitepaper for your information.

Is it a Scam / Fraud? Given the historical track record and the successful launch of his Hunercoin, XAYA ICO is highly probable not a scam. In addition, there is a game in the blockchain already if it is a scam they will not invest in so much costs to develop one.

This ICO is definitely Not A Scam.

Profitable? I hold neutral to this projects based on the 63 score earned based on the below 4 aspects.

63% Profitable Post ICO in my opinion.

The deadline of this ICO is 12 Oct. If you want to invest in it please move fast!

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